Sunday Service

9:00 am – The Early Morning Service

This service offers adults a chance to worship in a quiet and reflective atmosphere. It is designed to last for an hour and 'has no provision for children. The preaching ministry is bible based and tries to relate what is found in God's word to everyday life. We celebrate communion on the third Sunday in each month. Our communion service is open to all who know and love the Lord and have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour.

11.00 am – The Family Service

This is a service for everyone including families and children of all ages. It is the largest service of the three with up to 300 attending. Late comers often have to stand in the foyer until the children leave for Sunday Club. This is a lively service which endeavours to cater for children as well as adult. Each week there is a birthday box which children who have had a birthday during the week are invited to take a little gift. This service has a Sunday Club facility attached to it and up to and some times over a hundred children attend. During the opening part of the service adults and children worship together before leaving to join their various Sunday Club groups. There is also a crèche facility for those with small children. The entire service lasts about an hour and a quarter. Cold drinks along with coffee, tea and biscuits are available in the large hall after the service for those who wish to stay and talk and chat and get to know one another. Once again communion is served on the third Sunday of each month and is open to all who know and love the Lord and have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. On this Sunday the children go straight into a Sunday Club worship time which is held just for them in the large hall.

All In Service

On one Sunday of each month the children stay in for the entire service which starts at 11am as usual but when the children are in through out, it lasts for three quarters of an hour to an hour. During this service we make use of lively songs, story times; bible quizzes; question and answer times and puppets have also made and appearance on occasions too.

6.30 pm – Evening Service

This is once again informal and is designed for those who would like to come and worship in the evening. Sermons are bible based and cover a wide range of topic. The congregation is not as large as at the other two services and so there is less pressure on space. Communion is celebrated at this service on the first Sunday Evening of each month. Coffee, tea and biscuits are available after the service for those who wish to stay,talk and chat and get to know people.


We have an open table approach so all who know and love the Lord Jesus are welcome to join with us. Communion services are held twice monthly on the first Sunday evening of each month at 6:30 pm and on the third Sunday morning of each month at 9:00 am and 11am.

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